About Us


Ours society established on2005AD for all round Development of the people of this backward rural area. Socio-Economically, cultural, Health, Education & Livelihood with the help of panchayet.
1.To motivate the un-awarded people about health by awareness programme, health camp, H2H visit & man2mancoordination.
2.SGSY and SHG Group formation to develop their Socio-Economically condition. CRDS will arrange skill development training 
3.To arrange cultural function for the youth club and for youth generation. 
4.To aware the people about NREGA and   other sources of income, ours organization will take necessary action by meeting, rally, wall painting and quiz contest etc.
5.The peoples of this area are most backward in education. Mainly female people. Ours organization will try to literate those illiterate persons by our V.T. Center. 
6.To stop the human trafficking, by awareness programme with legal service committee, police and general public. 


VISION The aspired society that the Chakulia Rural Development Societies dreams of is an equitable one irrespective of caste, creed and gender.  In such a society the people will have a value-based life, promoting their economic-politico-cultural interest, keeping intact the environment having odyssey to the next century.
        MISSION  Chakulia Rural Development Society is a  
non-political social service oriented organization pledges to make relentless drive with its 7 workforce addressing the issues like poverty,  re-establishment and restoration of human values and empowering the people through organizing them and making them socio-politically aware and economically self sustained so that the people could able to utilizes their available resources and could come forward to take proper decisions for their own development process. 


Briefhistory of the Organization

The organization has beenestablished with a strong determination to improve the quality of life of thepoorest of the poor of the backward community people of SC, ST,OBC and Muslimminority section society.

With that specific Endeavour, wehave got the organization registered in the year of 2005 with the dedicatedsocial activists of the area of Goalpokher-II Block under the Uttar Dinajpurdistrict where mostly neglected and disadvantaged cast like SC, ST,OBC andMuslim minority. Moreover it is observed that tribal population is a factor inthe area those who are deprived by the elites groups of the new fashion andtoday’s civil society.

We have not applied for financialassistance either from the central government or the state government. From ourlimited sources of funding we have undertaken programs related to mothers &Child health, Education, environment, games & sports, national integration,and social harmony, and for the development of our traditional art and cultureintimacy with all the countries.

We have tentatively planned to initiate project activitiesfor poverty elevation income generation which is the top most priority need ofthe target population.

Aims and object of the society

a) To established ,start ,acquire,aid,Maintain or manageprimary school, Maktab,  Model  Academy, libraries , reading rooms,Charitable Hospital, Education and technical education institute with S.S.A.& A.I.E. and with I.E.D. for the benefit of the public.

b) To arrange and organize seminar, work-shop,awareness programmes on health, education, special 

education, legal education health and hyzone, drinkingwater, sanitation, local resource mobilization, community development andenvironment etc with cultural function, games and sports and with other relateddevelopment activities.

c) To settle on any dispute arising amongst the memberthrough discussion.

d) To collect and preserve manuscripts, paintings, sepultures,works of art, antiquities, natural history specimens, mechanical and scientificinstruments and designs, and with family welfare programmes.

e) To promote and encourage advancement of literary,cultural political religions, scientific and technical educating.

f) To construct, maintain, improve, develop and anybuildings houses or other works necessary or convenient for the use of society.

g)  To do all suchacts, deed, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conductive to theforegone object.

h) To devote ourselves for formation of groupsof poor men or women living below the poverty lines per direction of DRD Cellor any Authority  and to work forformation and promotion of self-help  groupunder SGSY scheme or Minority development Schemes or Rustriya Mahila  kosh.